Monica Watson

Founder & CEO

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A Letter From Monica

The philosophy of minimalism in skincare has been passed down for four generations of women in my family. After a long and painful struggle with cystic acne, I finally found clear skin by ultimately coming back to this value of simplicity and caring for my body in a holistic way.

Berlin Skin exists to help others find healing and health for their skin, but also to inspire more peace into all aspects their lives — including their homes.

When I'm not running the day-to-day operations at Berlin Skin, I love spending time with my family, in my garden, and I'm always down for a nightly sauna session.

I hope that the experience of my brand sparks more rest, creativity, and contentment into your life. Thank you for following along.


Berlin Skin is inspired by my German Grandmother who always taught me that less is more when it comes to caring for our skin. She was a skin care minimalist before it was trendy, and she helped me lay a solid foundation for the health of my skin. Our entire brand is built upon her philosophy and knowledge.


Grandma Ute in Berlin with my mom as a baby, 1967